Biodiversity World Tour

The event was partially organized by EuVENT for Crop Life International and ZN Brussels. EuVENT has secured the moderation for Brussels and Japan stops of the World Tour and has managed full logistics of the event in Brussels.

Stop #2: Brussels, Belgium Research and Development Town Hall

”CropLife International, Europabio, and the European Crop Protection Association have partnered together to bring researchers from around the world together to discuss the future of sustainable agriculture and environmental protection in our world. With a growing population and a changing climate, what technologies and strategies will farmers need to use in order to ensure the protection of our planet’s biodiversity for generations to come? What role will policymakers play in meeting this challenge?”

The event was followed on a  live webcast and participated in through Twitter, Facebook and e-mail.

  • Janez Potocnik, Commissioner for Environment  – featuring opening remark
  • Tim Benton, Professor of Population Ecology, Pro-Dean of Research in Biological Sciences, and Expert on Biodiversity and Population Management under Scenarios of Environmental Change, at University of Leeds
  • Harald Von Witzke, Professor and Chair for International Agriculture Trade and Development at Humboldt University, Member of German Institute for Economic Research and Graduate Center for Economic and Social Research
  • Agnes W. Mwang’ombe, Principal of College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences at Univresity of Nairobi, Presidential EBS Award Receipient for Academic Work, Former Chairperson of Kenya Professional Association of Women in Agriculture and Environment, Awarded Best Woman Researcher by African Crop Science Society
  • Shardul Agrawala, Senior Economist at OECD, Environmental Directorate, Head of Climate Change Division
  • Lisbeth Kirk, Founder and Editor in Chief of – moderator
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